The construction sector

  • Roofing of water treatment plants - detachable roofing from tempered laminates for efficient blocking of undesirable odors, rainwater container leaking and entrances. It is highly resistant to chemical substances and weather conditions.
  • Roof lighting - it is produced of transparent polycarbonates or acrylate glass (PMMA). It enables satisfactory ventilation and lighting. Ideal for industrial and public constructions. They are designed for flat ceilings but also for ceilings up to 25 degrees of inclination. They are excellent thermal isolators and have first class optic characteristics and resistance.
  • Roof cuffs for lighting installations –enable flawless sealing of roof diffusion. They come in various shapes and profiles. They are produced from fiberglass laminates (reinforced plastic) and they are highly insulating thanks to the polyurethane, which is placed between the outer and inner walls of the cuffs. The laminate cuffs are either beveled or vertical. The veering surface of the cuffs is adjusted to be easily assembled to any roof structure.
  • Building sheeting –fiberglass laminate boards are excellent thermal insulation. They are suitable for building sheeting and backlighting of facades. They are distinctive for their low weigh and high resistance. Polyester composite boards have great stability of shape, resistance to temperatures up to 105 °C. the colors is of high endurance and, of coarse, weatherproof. As a novelty we are currently producing facade posts and lamellas.
  • Dividers and covers made from fiberglass are excellent barriers against the weather conditions. For this reason they are very good in constructions of verandas, kiosks, bus stops, train platform ceilings, swimming pool ceilings as well as dividers in gyms and exposition halls.