Firm profile

Jíša is a company founded in 1990. It is specialized in the production of fiberglass products for the construction, chemical, alimentary and automotive sectors. It also serves for the needs of gyms, raft boats, rowing boats and canoes.

We use the state of the art available technologies and materials in the production of solidified plastic parts. According the requirements and the applications of the product, we use different production methods. They are, for instance, the hand setting of the glass sedge and carbon tissues, fiberglass spraying (the rowing method) and the „sandwich“ technology, which enables the combination of glass supports, iron profiles, flat porous supports with thermal and acoustic isolation layers.

Fiberglass parts are produced upon reception of the technical documentation, but also our technicians are able to supply a custom made solution for the client. We can manufacture the prototype models or use our CNC machines accordingly. Our products are obtainable in the complete array of RAL colors. They are weatherproof as well as UV, acid, soda lyes and sodium resistant. We are able to produce in big proportions up to 14m x 3m in weight up to 800 kg. Our products are known not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, France, Holland, the RSA, India and Great Britain.

Our principal objective is to satisfy the requirements of our clients in the best possible quality. For this reason we have adopted the ISO 9001, quality control system, which will be completed by June 2010.