Automobiles and agriculture machines

  • Structures, roofs, parting walls for cars and trucks from laminates (composites) are suitable because of the possibilities of shaping the material. They have a long life and minimal maintenance requirements. With the use of composites, it is possible to enlarge the storing space without increasing the load in the axle.
  • Inner bus partitions – you may find laminates used in the baggage racks in the interior of buses. Other articles include air conditioning covers.
  • Bumpers and spoilers, sill bars and other accessories of the automotive body and spare parts are made from laminates and used for tuning of cars, jeeps and tractors.
  • Safe clamps from glass laminate composites protect the crews of sport cars without affecting the weight of the vehicle or the driving quality.
  • Agriculture machines – we produce custom made containers for sprinklers, cutting bar covers for harvesters and choppers. These products are weather proof and resistant to most chemicals.