• Plastic containers are made according to the client's requirements. Volumes are possible between 800 and 9000 liters. Containers are resistant to oil and petroleum derivates, soda lyes and acids. For that reason they have a well-known reputation in the alimentary industry and in the chemical industry. We guarantee the impermeability of the containers.
  • Fishing basins serve as temporary fish containers, to concentrate or transferring fish. They are ecologically friendly and have reinforced bottoms and anti scraping edges. They can have round, square or oval shapes.
  • Tubs for keeping, transporting, etc, are made of fiberglass and are extra resistant against corrosion and chemicals. Their biggest advantage is lightweight and long life.
  • Septic tanks (drain less reservoirs) serve for capturing sewage waters containing harmful substances coming from small sources such as homes and bungalows that do not have a connection to the sewage system.
  • Fuel oil containers are designed for safe and ecological storing of fuel oils and motor fuels. They are resistant to mechanical damage and require minimal maintenance.